The temperature and humidity control of the chicken house in the layers battery cages

(1) Suitable temperature for raising chickens in layers battery cages: brooding temperature for egg chicks: 35-33°C for 1-2 days, 33-32°C for 3-7 days, and then about 2 to 3°C every week. The age of 5-6 weeks is about 21-18℃. Chickens are more sensitive to cold and warm, so you must pay special attention to prevent the temperature from rising and falling, and make great efforts to maintain the temperature balance.

(2) Suitable humidity for layers battery cages: Humidity is closely related to the evaporation of water in the chicken body, the dissipation of body heat and the cleanliness of the chicken house.


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①At high temperature and low humidity, too much water will be dispersed in the chickens, which will easily cause the chicks to become dehydrated. In addition, due to the dryness, the dust in the house is flying, which can easily induce
respiratory diseases.


②At low temperature and high humidity, the house is cold and humid, and the chicks are susceptible to colds, causing the litter to be wet, and gastrointestinal diseases and coccidiosis occur.


③When the temperature is high and humid, the heat in the body of the chicks is not easy to radiate normally, the chicks are stuffy, the appetite decreases, the growth is slow, and the resistance is weakened.

It is advisable to keep the layers battery cages dry to prevent bacterial reproduction and infection, but the relative humidity should not be lower than 40%. Suitable relative humidity: 60%-65% before 10 days of age, and 50%-60% after 10 days of age.