Introduce New Automatic Battery Chicken Cage for Your Battery Hens

Cast Aside Under-developed Battery Cage Equipment For Your Battery Hens

Equipment for battery laying hens should be modern and automatic– allowing to save labor costs, as well as the consumption of fodder and electricity. Our battery cage cast aside the conventional chicken cage that is too crowded for laying hens. We provide the enough space for your chickens that you don’t need to worry about chicken disease and income from them. We can provide you the best paln for your battery hens and chicken shed project.

Livi Machinery have the automatic battery hens for layer cage farming.

There is the list of poultry farming equipment for this automatic layer rearing equipment: Cages for laying hens type – A and H type of four-tier with five door

The size of A- type battery hens: 1950mm * 450mm * 410mm, all you need is 188 sets of battery laying hens. It is possible to place 160 birds in one set of chicken cage system. Therefore, the details of battery cage farming placement in the poultry house are mainly about 47 sets of battery cage / row, only 4 row of battery hens. The total amount of livestock in one chicken house battery hens is 60 * 47 * 4 = 30,080 Goals.

The Specific Samples for Your Reference

For the quantity of 30,000 laying hens, you need a standard poultry farming house, the size of which may approximately be 102M * 15M * 3.5M. If you do not have such a chicken house, then it is necessary to build a completely new chicken coop with a larger area in which have a capacity of chickens. Do not worry the much funds you will invest in, the investment will pay off in a year.

Two types battery cage hens can meet your diversified farming needs.


The battery hens in your chicken shed should equipped with automatic poultry farming equipment for battery hens, as well as the egg processing equipment such as automatic egg grading and cleaning machine or egg grading and packing machine. Those egg processing equipment are practical for your battery hens so then increase the rich egg harvest in hen farms.

Warm tips: You can think of the application of electric lamps for additional lighting. This is very important, because additional lighting makes it possible to increase the egg lay of chickens. In addition, I recommend to equip the heaters in your hen house, if you did this, then the maintenance of battery hens in winter is no longer a problem.

The lighting system are important for your laying hens health.

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