How to improve production performance in chicken battery poultry cage?

How to improve production performance in chicken battery poultry cage? Many farmers are in the process of raising layer hens. Will pick some chicken raising equipment. To change the way of raising chickens and assist some breeding work. The use of chicken farming equipment. Can improve work efficiency for farmers. It is a good helper for farmers to easily breed. And it can also increase the number of breeding for farmers. Coupled with reasonable breeding management of
farmers. Can improve the production performance of laying hens.





   1. Disease prevention and control in layer breeding: in layer diseases. Immunize laying hens. Preventing the occurrence of diseases is a prerequisite for ensuring the performance of laying hens. Therefore, disease prevention and control is very important. The measures for epidemic prevention and control are. Establish a system, comprehensive prevention and control, repeat immunization, select the right type of virus, and cross-protect.



  2. Chicken battery poultry cage: The quality of the chicken coop breeding environment is very important to the laying performance of the laying hens. Many farmers now use chicken cages. Coupled with the use of some chicken breeding equipment, the environment of the chicken house can be regulated. The environment in the chicken house directly affects the performance of the chickens. Adjust the temperature and humidity in an appropriate range. Meet the minimum ventilation requirements. Do a good job in the control of harmful gases and dust in the chicken house.



Automatic Chicken Farm Abounds With Battery Chicken Cage


  3. Feeding management: The quality of feeder management affects all aspects of layer production performance. Managing water requires time and practice to accumulate. The uniformity of layer weight seriously affects the laying performance of the flock. The breeding process of young chickens should be uniformly oriented. The egg production process should also continue to focus on population uniformity. In addition, the nutritional level of feed must meet the feeding standards. Feeding evenly in the reserve period can ensure uniform body mass. A balanced and balanced feeding during the laying period can ensure a stable laying rate. Feeding evenly can exert the effect of feed. Ensuring uniform feeding is a way to reduce hidden waste of feed.


  4. Average chickens in layer battery poultry cage: farmers should keep the number of chickens in each layer cage the same. Ensure that the body quality of young chickens is consistent. And the feeding amount of laying hens is the same. Adjust the flock through every immunization. The sick and weak chickens were selected in time through inspections.