Do you know cost of poultry equipment in nigeria?

Do you know cost of poultry equipment in nigeria? Farmers use equipment to reduce the trouble of overwork. And the use of equipment can improve efficiency. The development of aquaculture is inseparable from the help of equipment.

About the cost of poultry equipment in Nigeria. This is a topic that farmers are very concerned about. After all, it takes a lot of money to open a farm. So what are the popular poultry equipment?


Cost of poultry equipment in nigeria


Automatic poultry breeding equipment can complete automatic water supply. The drinking water system consists of a pressure reducing tank or valve, a water pipe, a drinking spout, a drinking cup, a lifting system and a metering device. The height of the drinking water system can be adjusted according to the age of the chicken, which is suitable for drinking water for the chicken.

The automatic egg collection system of poultry farming equipment can reduce manual use. The automatic egg collection system includes induction device (quail egg strips), egg collection device, conveying device, buffer device, etc. The egg collection system has the function of preventing eggs from falling and breaking, reducing the egg breaking rate to 5/10000, and reducing manpower and material resources.


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Cleaning chicken manure is a very time-consuming and very troublesome task, and the automatic manure removal system in the automatic farming equipment completely solves the problem of manual manure removal. The automatic defecation system can automatically defecate without manual operation.


The poultry breeding system of Zhengzhou Levi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. And poultry breeding cage equipment is very popular for its automatic, world-class, high-tech features. Including automatic layer breeding equipment, automatic broiler equipment, automatic layer breeding equipment and other products. And related products have been exported to more than 30 countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and Central Asia.


Automatic equipment includes automatic feeding system, automatic water supply system and automatic fecal removal system. We are leading the industry standard and can realize the automation and specialization of caged poultry to improve
the efficiency of poultry breeding.