Light Requirements of Layer Hens Farming Equipment in Chicken House

One of the main factors affecting the utilization of feed by layer hens is the surrounding temperature where the chickens are located. In low-temperature environments, the feed intake of chickens is greater because chickens will use part of their energy to maintain normal body temperature. Chicken at high temperatures, feed intake will decline, and feed utilization is also relatively poor, because the biological cooling mechanism of chickens in the hot conditions also need to consume energy. Provide the best ambient temperature for layer chickens, broiler chickens and baby chickens used for growth and reduced to regulate body temperature.

Chickens temperature requirements: brooding day demand a little higher temperature, reaching 33 to 35 ℃, after a week down 2 to 3 ℃, until the 16 -21 ℃ range can be stabilized.

Into the chicken coop temperature requirements: Into the coop the most appropriate temperature is 13 a 23 ℃, a minimum of 5 ℃, a maximum of 30 ℃.

Our chicken farming equipment such as automatic layer rearing equipment, automatic broiler rearing equipment and baby chick rearing equipment all equipment with the plenty lighting and temperature control system. You can purchase our chicken cage for customized chicken coop and cage equipment design.

chicken house lighting

chicken house lighting

Chickens are long sunshine animals, chickens in a variety of feeding period must have a reasonable light, in the appropriate light conditions, can improve the performance of chickens. In the design of light, cage illumination should be increased, generally calculated as 3.3 a 3.5 W / square meter. Usually 2 meters in height, 3 meters from the lamp, 2.7 watts / square meter or 1 watt / 0.371 square meters, can be equivalent to 10Lx illumination.

After 3-7 days hatching from the chicks, the light shines 23.5 to 24 hours a day, then gradually shortened to 8 to 9 hours until 18-20 weeks of age. After 0.5-1.0 hours per week increase until 14-16 hours of light, and then remain unchanged. Under normal circumstances, the brooding period (0-6 weeks of age) chicken on the light when asked 23-18.5 hours, the light intensity of 10 to 30 Lx, mainly to warm light; incubation period of light requirements for 8-9 hours, Light intensity of 5 Lx, warm light; laying time of light requirements for 14-16 hours, light intensity of 10-12 Lx, mainly to cool light source.

chicken coop lighting

chicken coop lighting

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Poultry Chicken Equipment For Sale in Intensive Poultry Farming Mode

Excellent Poultry Chicken Cages for Sale

poultry chicken cages for sale

intensive poultry farming cages

Excellent poultry chicken cages for sale in Livi poultry industry contains poultry equipment of poultry farming cage system, automatic layer cages, automatic broiler cages and automatic baby chicken cages. The poultry cage system are full of the good and automatic performance that you can choose any one to be customized for your poultry chicken house. And we have the excellent poultry farming equipment beyond what you have already imagined, because our poultry industry have the rich experience in designing your chicken house such as raising the chicken quantity of more than 1 thousand and we can also provide the most appropriate cages for the lucrative poultry industry. What our strengths are suitable for large scale and intensive chicken farming cages and wonderful perfarmance of automatic chicken cages for sale in our company.

Excellent Poultry Farming Equipment Accessories for Sale

As is known to all poultry farmers that full set of poultry farming equipment accessories will strengthen your chicken cages’ performance. We equip with poultry manure removal system, poultry management system, poultry drinking system, automatic environment control system, automatic gantry feeding machine and automatic ladder type feeding machine. Our poultry manure removal system can clean chicken feces effectively. Poultry management system can help you to control your poultry farming one-step and save you more time to detect your chicken’s health.Poultry drinking system can give your chicken sufficient and clean water. Poultry environment control system can give your chicken a better and stable environment to increase your framing productivity.

poultry farming equipment

poultry equipment accessories

Once you decide your poultry farming, we recommend you to consider our poultry cages and poultry farming accessories. Because our cages and equipment deserve your investment and you will not worry about too much money, we can offer you low cost and suitable plan for your chicken coop and dimensions.

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Automatic Egg Washing and Grading Machine Give You Best Egg Production

Automatic egg washing and grading machine
Egg washing and packing machine mainly used to clean eggs and pack eggs orderly. After a process of cleaning, disinfection, drying, oiling process, egg surface is clean. Thus it can keep a longer life and prevent bacteria infections and growth, which can greatly improve the quality and safety of fresh eggs.

egg washing and packing machine

egg washing and packing machine

We will give you more details of automatic egg washing and grading machine. Every part has their specific benefits. The eggs will be carried by egg device, the specification of it is 30 eggs, they will deliver to the lanes and you should prepare the egg device by yourselves. Workers can pick up the cracked eggs, broken eggs and other inferior quality eggs with the candling part. The spray disinfection make the spray liquid heating and spraying the egg surface disinfectant. Then brush eggs after disinfection process , all eggs’ body can be washed well with special nylon brush. Then it will come to the dry system with lower temperature, removing the water on the surface of eggs. Eggs will be reserved for coding work place that can spray on the surface of the eggs shell of a variety of enterprise information required, including the production date and trademarks. Last but not least, eggs will divided into seven grades according to the weight of eggs by electronic grading.

egg washing and packing system

egg washing and packing system

Livi egg washing machine can wash hen eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, etc. This washing machine is widely used in bakery, eggs powder factory, liquid egg processing factories, food related with egg liquid factory, etc. Therefore, if you want to know more details about the egg washing machine and egg packing machine, please contact us and tell us what sizes of automatic egg washing and packing machine you want, we will give you best machine beyond whay you have imagined!

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How to Start Poultry Business of Chicken Farming?

If you want to start the lucrative business of poultry business of chicken farm, Livi recommend that you should choose the advanced poultry farming equipment. They may include poultry farm chicken cage system such as automatic layer cage system, automatic pullet cage system and automatic broiler chicken cage system as well as good poultry equipment accessories.  There are two types of chicken cages for you to choose-A-type cages and H-type cages, which are manufactured by  Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd and suitable for high density and large scale chicken farming.

poultry farming business

battery layer cage system

It is very important to choose the chicken cages with our popular poultry  equipment when you begin to your poultry business of chicken farming. For the reason that poultry cage system equipped with full set of poultry equipment accessories such as automatic environment control system, poultry management system, poultry drinking system, poultry manural removal system, automatic gantry feeding system and automatic ladder type feeding machine. Let’s take the automatic poultry manure removal system as an example. The time of old-fashioned chicken coop and chicken’s dung scattered everywhere has gone, automatic cages equipment just adapt to the modern society, because chicken manure can be made into organic fertilizer through automatic pollution-free manure ramoval system in chicken farming.

poultry chicken business

battery layer chicken cage

Be based on the good understanding of the importance of farm design and biosafety, we can give you the most suitable chicken coop cages design for your poultry business of chicken farming, because our design and construction of chicken farm will decrease the risk and economic loss of the your investment fund. Livi also is a poultry equipment supplier with rich experience or history of completing this chicken farming scale. We are professional on researching and developping poultry team who often learn to raise chickens technology on-the-spot chicken coop, to find and improve the performance of equipment. we are  relying on a strong team to achieve today’s successful. Also, if you want to be successful to build your poultry business of chicken farming, please contact us and inquiry us.

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Used Poultry Chicken Cages For Sale

Poultry farming system and poultry farming cage equipment are most useful poultry farming equipment for poultry farmers. And used poultry chicken cages for sale in poultry industry can bring about you more convenient in farming chickens, which consists of automatic layer chicken cages system for sale, automatic broiler cage system for sale and automatic baby chicken cage system for sale.

used poultry chicken cages

A type 4-tier layer cage

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd are popular with its features of automatic, low cost and high-tech technology, including products such as layer cages, broiler cages, and poultry equipment accessories have been exported to more than 30 countries such as Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and Central Asia. Let’s take the layer cages as an example, with the features of high-density, automatic, and good performance, and its multiple cage types such as A-type and H-type choices make your poultry farming industry a new stage.

You can also have optional used poultry chicken cage of automatic poultry equipment accessories like automatic egg-collecting system, automatic poultry feeding system, automatic poultry manure-removing system, climate control system and poultry management control system. Likewise, poultry farmers can give us your actual chicken coop area and how many chickens you want to raise, therefore, we can offer you the custom-designed poultry cage equipment to meet your requirements. So you will own your typical poultry farming system.

used poultry chicken cage system

H type 3-tier layer cage

If you choose our used poultry chicken cages for sale, we would like to offer you best service of before-sale service and after-sale service, and you will never regreat to choose our poultry farming equipment, and everything we do is only to let our customers get more benefits in the poultry market. To get more business opportunities and to create more value for our customers, our poultry chicken cage equipment will satisfy you.

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