20,000 PCS Layer Chicken Cage Project In Nigeria

Project background of 20,000 pcs in Nigeria

We sincerely present to you a high profile poultry farming project located in an ideal location in Northern Nigeria. This striking project features state-of-the-art poultry equipment, especially the layer chicken cage. Now, let’s dive into the details of this success story.

The poultry farming project is located in a strategic area in northern Nigeria, very close to the local population, ensuring the convenience and efficiency of product distribution. The superiority of its geographical location enables the products to reach the market quickly, satisfying the demand of local consumers for high-quality egg products.

The project for 20,000 laying hens covers about 1 acre. Through scientific planning, this piece of land is rationally allocated into different functional areas, including chicken coops, transportation passages, and offices. The Nigerian poultry farming project is not only outstanding in terms of geographical location and scale. Significant improvements in efficiency and production have also been achieved through the introduction of modern poultry equipment, especially chicken cage systems.

automatic layer chicken cage

Facilities in the automatic poultry farm

In this project, we are proud of the chicken houses and equipment that have applied the latest technology. The chicken farm adopts a modern layer chicken cage. This innovative design provides a hygienic and efficient rearing environment for laying hens.

The client wanted a fully automatic modern chicken house. After in-depth discussions with professionals, we earnestly meet customer requirements. We chose a closed chicken house as the basis and installed a set of fully automated poultry farming equipment to ensure the efficiency and controllability of the breeding process.

In this project, poultry equipment manufacturers also acted as full supporters. Provide customers with free chicken house design and tailor-made solutions. We understand that each farm’s needs are unique. Therefore, our professional team fully listens to the opinions of customers. Incorporate their needs into the final design.

Livi poultry equipment manufacturers provide not only poultry equipment, but also a full range of farming solutions. We are committed to achieving excellence in technology, design and service to create the greatest value for our customers. Through this project, we have demonstrated to our customers our deep expertise and experience in the field of poultry farming, bringing them an integrated and modern farming solution.

battery layer chicken cage

Details of 20,000 Birds Poultry Farming Project

It is an honor to present to you a high profile poultry farming project located in Lagos, Nigeria. The scale and character of the project made it a successful endeavor. And we play an important role as a poultry equipment manufacturer.

Poultry Type: Layers

Quantity: 20,000pcs

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

House type: closed chicken house

Equipment Specifications: Automated Poultry System

In this project, the client chose closed chicken farms. Designed to provide a comfortable living environment for laying hens. The automation system we are proud of will be applied in the chicken house, ensuring the efficiency, stability and controllability of the breeding process. This system is not only a simple device, but also the application of modern poultry farming technology, bringing you a new farming experience.

As a poultry equipment manufacturer, we not only provided equipment, but also contributed our expertise and support to the success of this project. We fully understand the customer’s desire for modern farming. So we provide a customized automation system for the project to ensure the efficiency and quality of farming.

battery layer cage

Poultry equipment manufacturers want to say

In this poultry farming project in Lagos, Nigeria, automated poultry farming equipment is shining brightly. From the original intention of the project, to the selection of equipment, we have witnessed the perfect integration of modern technology and breeding wisdom.

This project is not only breeding, but also an innovative attempt to lead the breeding trend. The automation system not only improves the efficiency of farming, but also injects vitality and passion into the farming experience. The equipment we are proud of is a tribute to modern poultry farming technology and the crystallization of our joint efforts with our customers.

In the future, we will continue to work on bringing more innovations to poultry farming. Under the guidance of technology, we believe that farming will be more intelligent, efficient and sustainable. Let us work together to continue to create a new chapter in farming and contribute our part to the development of the agricultural industry.

If you are curious about this project, want to know more details, please feel free to contact us. Let us pursue the future of poultry farming together and work together for a better agricultural tomorrow!